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We finally have our Spring 2014 Puerh Tea collection for sale online!

What is Huang Pian?

Tea pets are the perfect companions on your tea journey!

What is Gushu?

Midnight shou puerh brew session with my new Jianshui Zitao clay teapot. I’m using a 2013 old tree shou puerh and it is plain delicious brewed in Jianshui. I brew primarily in porcelain gaiwans or Yixing clay teapots and I’m liking the added flavors that the Jianshui clay has.

Jianshui clay is native to Yunnan province where puerh tea trees grow. Read more about Jianshui and Zitao pottery in our blog here:

Bulang Mountain Puerh

2014 Early Spring Bulang Shan Mongba Dam Changbei Sheng Puerh. Smooth and aromatic. Slight astringency and sweet aftertaste.

2014 Baiying Shan Spring picked 1000yo old tree sheng puerh tea.

Jingmai Mountain and Mangjing Village

Exploring some young Yiwu Shan loose leaf sheng puerh today.